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From: Burkhard Knopf (
Date: 03/27/96

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric L Helvey <> writes:

 >> i loaded Ghenna zone,in .obj file,some item have at the end of
 >> their stat 2 line : B 2341

 >> when i lunch autorun,it does some error and stop the autorun....
 >> can someone help me?

 Eric> The B fields are item affection fields, which allow objects to
 Eric> set affection bits for a player: ie, a ring of flying, set the
 Eric> AFF_FLY bit, or a shroud of venomous poison sets the AFF_POISON
 Eric> bit.

 Eric> These affections are neat, but eaily abused by zone creators
 Eric> who don't talk and make lots and lots of items with them.
 Eric> Easiest thing to do is probably just go through and take out
 Eric> all the B fields.

If you rather want to keep 'em you can do what I tried in file db.c,
function parse_object:

change the line
  strcat(buf2, ", after numeric constants (expecting E/A/#xxx)");
  strcat(buf2, ", after numeric constants (expecting E/A/B/#xxx)");

and some lines after that (after "switch (*line) {" that is) add the
following lines:
    case 'B':
      sscanf(line+1, " %s ", f1);
      obj_proto[i].obj_flags.bitvector = asciiflag_conv(f1);

Just make sure the number behind B in the obj-file is in the same line
- otherwise you have to call another
      get_line(obj_f, line);
before the sscanf.

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