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From: Christopher M. Lee (
Date: 03/29/96

A good way to not get dropped after 20 minutes is to create a cron job or
get a ping program that pings some location on the internet (a good place
would be your provider) this will give you your activity needed to stay up.
If you get dropped after 20 minutes set the ping to do its stuff every 15 or
17 minutes just to be safe.


>I was just reading all the posts about cron and whatnot, and had an idea and
>a question.
>I have a PPP link, which died if there is no actuivity after 20 mions, or
>sometuimes the damn thing just hangs up. I need to know how to set up a cron
>script that if the ppp is not up, to reboot the machine. I have the ppp
>start up when the machine turns on, SO...
>See, if it hangs up, sometimes it won't do squat (the modem) unless the pc
>reboots, hence the reboot option.
>Also in that script, or anmother, I need it to start the mud from the mud
>account if it's not running. (after the reboot)
>Any suggestions?
>Hades who ism pissed he deleted those emails.
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