Re: Hmm... My idea
Date: 03/29/96

> A good way to not get dropped after 20 minutes is to create a cron job or
> get a ping program that pings some location on the internet (a good place
> would be your provider) this will give you your activity needed to stay up.
> If you get dropped after 20 minutes set the ping to do its stuff every 15 or
> 17 minutes just to be safe.

Only thing is, this doesn't help you if the modem just hangs up due 
to line noise, too many errors, or what not...

I have a dedicated account with my ISP, so I don't have timeouts, but 
about once every 2 days or so, the modem will lose connection. I run 
a cron job that looks at the route table every few minutes to see if the route to my 
ISP is there... if it's not, then it restarts pppd.

- Brian

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