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From: Al Figliolia (
Date: 03/30/96

On Sat, 30 Mar 1996, Ben Leibig wrote:

> Ok heres what i want.  I want to define within each guild master weather
> they teach a certen skill and if so how high they teach it.  This requires
> players to move around the mud in order to get skills high.  BUt yet you
> can give em a sample in the main town.  What i fgured would be needed
> would be a file, much like shop files that reads like:
> #<masternumber>
> Name of guildmaster~
> <Class of whoms skill he teaches>
> <skill#> <%>
> <skill#> <%>
> -1 to end list of skills
> anyone imped anything like that?  I haven't even looked into file stuff so
> also anyone have any advice?
I have a system like this imped on my mud, but instead of making a whole
new file for just the teachers, I added a T flag to the Simple/Enhanced
flag for mobs, and then just add Spells like affections...


b 0 0 T
1 0 0 1d1+1 1d1+1
0 0
8 8 0
26 50
30 25

That would mean this mob teaches fireball to a max of 50% and soem other 
spell/skill to 25%

If you want me to post how I did this just ask.

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