Re: CircleMUD patchlevel 11 debugging underway...

From: Brian Pape (
Date: 03/31/96

> > I have Circle 3.0 patch 11 running under Windows again - I've made some
> > fixes (most notably, I've ported the nonblocking socket I/O code to Win,
> > so the lag that you were experiencing while other people were logged in
> > should hopefully be gone now.)
> > -Jeremy
> >
> and around patch level 4 or 5 you said it would be impossible to port it
> anywhere but os/2

Do you have a problem with that?  Not that I ever plan on ever running it
under windows, but there's no reason for jerks like you to give him grief-
It's nice that he was able to get it to port.  Not to mention, under
pl4/5, he probably didn't have a copy of win95 api available to work with.

Have A Nice Day,
Brian Pape
Reign of Towers

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