Strange shop bug

From: The Arrow (
Date: 03/31/96

The problem:
Sometimes, just sometimes, when someone types "list" in a shop, the mud 
enters an infinite loop. PT-MUD is from the start based on patchlevel 4, 
but the shop code is from patchlevel 9 (thought it was some old bug in 
it) and unmodified.
As you can see, shopping_list() get called a second time, with keeper=0x1,
and then the mud goes down.

Trace follows:
#0  0x4156904 in abort ()
#1  0x3500 in checkpointing () at main.c:277
#2  0xf7ffff74 in end ()
#3  0x96988 in shopping_list (arg=0x57f700 "", ch=0x57f700, keeper=0x1, 
    shop_nr=0) at shop.c:819
#4  0x96988 in shopping_list (arg=0xf7fff64c "", ch=0x5fec00, 
    shop_nr=0) at shop.c:819
#5  0x97290 in shop_keeper (ch=0x5fec00, me=0x3f3400, cmd=154, 
    argument=0xf7fff64c "") at shop.c:916
#6  0xc9640 in special (ch=0x5fec00, cmd=154, arg=0xf7fff64c "")
    at parserutils.c:315
#7  0x79e68 in command_interpreter (ch=0x5fec00, argument=0xf7fff648 "list")
    at cmdinterp.c:737
#8  0x46b8 in game_loop (mother_desc=3, who_desc=68667704, 
    usr_info_desc=713768) at comm.c:428
#9  0x31d0 in init_game (port=4000) at main.c:204
#10 0x2a24 in main (argc=3, argv=0xf7fffb1c) at main.c:90

I don't know if this is a bug in stock circle or if it's one I
introduced, but as I said earlier, the shop code is unmodified.

Any help will be appriciated.

/ Joachim Pileborg

  The Arrow              Moses@PTMUD 4000

  Joachim Pileborg       Email:
  Svarvarevägen 5
  37230 Ronneby

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