Re: "Assemble"ing objects

From: Gore (
Date: 03/31/96


Zombiemud has assemble implemented.  It works as ppl here have described,

assemble <obj#1><obj#2><obj#N><obj_to_be_made>

and yes we could imp disassemble if we liked.  The assemble code is in a
seperate text file with each part listed.  So we could just read from the
file for each part....

I don't know if this helps ....if you have any questions, just email back
or telnet 2150 and i'll show ya how it works.


Tom Dailey
Gore - IMP

P.S.  The assemble code was written by Memnoch, a coder who used to be
with the ensi-mud ppl.

On Sun, 31 Mar 1996, Graham Gilmore wrote:

> 	I remember visiting a CircleMUD where the Imp had created an
> 'assemble' command (or something similar) with which several objects could
> be combined into one.
> 	What I want to know about it is, is it possible to disassemble
> those objects..?  Is there any record of the constituent objects in the
> assembled object itself?
> 	Graham Gilmore

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