several questions about boards and auto-playerfile

From: Kim Hartshorn (
Date: 03/31/96

i am using the circle code to support an online conferencing utility
i have several questions and ponderings

1.  does anyone have a utility to read board files offline?
2.  i would like to be able to create players from a tabulated or coma
    deliniated table (like a class-list)...has anyone put together
    a utility that i might be able to use for this venture...oh...

3.  in regards to player names....a friend helped me quite awhile ago to 
    adapt the new-player routine in act.wizard to accept white space in the
    new player name so that users of the conference could log on with a
    first and last works fairly well..the same as mob names...
    in that each part of the playername works as a keyword....
    stat and stat file work if you type in the full name but not just the
    who and last do not work with the new playerfile and i cant figure out why

    not that i can figure out C if there isnt a <text string> to point the 
    way anyway :-)

4.  in regards to above....does anyone know if there are signigicant problems
    coming down the road with this adaptation to the player file?
   (the utility is still in testing and only has abot 100 players in the file

5.  i have the utility set up to auto-launch in netscape from a lin    ...our machines use ncsa telnet as the telnet utility....
    when launched directly from the link it will not let a player log in
    immediately...the first try will result in "Invalid Name" on the
    second try the player is always let in...

    to make it more confusing....if  you manually go to the url and not use
    the link (still from netscape) it works fine....any ideas?

6.   since i am not using the game part of the code...what can i safely
    leave out of the make file? weather? fight.c?  as far as i know i am
    not using any routines that i can find in these routines.

7.  i discovered today that not having a motd file will crash the game when
    a new player enters....(i assume the same is true of imotd)  are there
    any other text files that have similar importance?

btw i am using the 2.0 implimentation

thank you


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