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From: ShadowLord (
Date: 04/01/96

On Mon, 1 Apr 1996, Alex van Koppen wrote:

> Hi !
> Why not just use the E mobs, add an extra 'skill <no> <per>' espec, which
> sets skill 'no' of a mob to 'per' percent, and (maybe) a 'trainer <xx>'
> espec, which sets all skills to 'xx' and initializes the skill structure.
> (I am implementing this at the moment, next to a 'special' espec, which
> allows me to assign the special-routines to mobs.)

I did something that approxiamates to this, but I decided against spell
numbers and didn't use the keyword 'skill', instead I just checked what
the keyword was, like below (added to interpret_espec, I believe it was)

	if ((skill_num = find_skill_num(key) > 0) {
	  matched = 1;
	  SET_SKILL(mob_proto[i], skill_num, [xxx]);

At least it was something to that affect, I'm not looking at my source
code at the moment, but I'm sure you can gather what it does.  The [xxx]
should be replaced with the variable that holds the value given, I forgot
what it was (num_arg?).

I also wrote a bit of code that 'grouped' my skills/spells together for
mobiles so when I used "Teacher Beginner" all the skills I put in that
group were grouped together.  The code wasn't too difficult now that I
look back on it, for the teachers, but since I removed classes at the same
time I did that it made it a bit more time consuming (I completely removed
classes).  The big part of the work for me was writing a new practice
command to take advantage of the features I had added and going through
the whole code and changing inconsistencies.

It's been 4 days and I've got a bit of my coding done (infinite levels,
full suits of armour, no classes, teachers, a couple new skills and
spells, working on two-handed weapons, etc.)  Next comes item
damaging/repairing.  Anyone got any suggestions for how to go about coding

Also, I was curious about in act.obj.c in wear_bitvectors, it uses
ITEM_WEAR_TAKE for ITEM_WEAR_HOLD, is that a bug or is it supposed to be
like that?

Daniel Koepke
The Dragon's Keep 4000
Alpha, development CircleMUD 3.0b

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