Re: Peculiar error

From: Morten Liljeberg (
Date: 04/02/96

On Tue, 2 Apr 1996, jeremy jubenville wrote:

>  Greetings,
>     I just recieve the most peculiar error message that ended with
> an abort signal which shutdown the mud.
> The error is denoted in the syslog as follows:
> SYSERR: CHECKPOINT shutdown: tics not updated
>   While i can understand the concept of shuting down the mud if the tics
> aren't updating themselves, i don't understand how it happened.  Gdb
> told me absolutely nothing.  My gut tells me that this was either a 
> machine error or an OS error.  Am i correct?
As far as i remember, this is a check for infinite loops. The server had 
not completed one tick, before the next should start, so an infinite loop 
is assumed, and the mud stuts down.

Morten Liljeberg

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