Re: core dumps

From: JRhone (
Date: 04/02/96

On Tue, 2 Apr 1996, Michael J. Cunningham wrote:
> > I've got a system failing with segment faults but I don't seem to be getting
> > core dumps - what do I need to do to have it do a core dump - and where can
> Hmmm Thats funny cause I cant get my mud to dump core either...and I am 

ya know, im not sure if its a linux problem cause im runnin bsd2.0 and mine
refuses to drop core anymore either
it was for a long time but not anymore, after i fudged with the gcc flags
i think that a -g flag on gcc will make the dump gdb compatable but whats
the flag to force it to dump core on an abnormal exit? anyone?


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