Re: core dumps

From: Michael J. Cunningham (
Date: 04/02/96

On Tue, 2 Apr 1996, Thunder wrote:

> I've got a system failing with segment faults but I don't seem to be getting
> core dumps - what do I need to do to have it do a core dump - and where can
> I find the dump once it has done one.
> I'm running linux 1.2.8 and my ulimit size is unlimited. 

Hmmm Thats funny cause I cant get my mud to dump core either...and I am 
running linux 1.2.8 also. I also have made sure every shell variable in all
the shells on the machine is unlimited and recompiled the kernal also 
looking for anything related. And read every single file in /etc looking
for something turning it off....but found nada. I wonder if its a problem
with 1.2.8? Hmmm...Off to the linux newsgroups :) 

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