Re: core dumps

From: Mark Andrew Crichton (
Date: 04/02/96

> On Tue, 2 Apr 1996, Thunder wrote:
> > I'm running linux 1.2.8 and my ulimit size is unlimited. 
> for something turning it off....but found nada. I wonder if its a problem
> with 1.2.8? Hmmm...Off to the linux newsgroups :) 

Nope.  First off, 1.2.13 is out :)

Second of all, unlimited means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING here :)  Bash is pulling a 
quickie over ya :)

Just type ulimit -c <maxcorefilesizehere> BEFORE running autorun and you'll be
fine.  I use ulimit -c 400000.

You'll find the core file in the lib/ subdir if (and when) the process dumps 

(Also, I think this exact ulimit question is in the Linux-FAQ or one of the
HOWTO's ... )

(Now for the Advanced Linux Hackers, I *THINK* in the 1.2 and 1.3 code there is
an old remnant of some code that added the pid to the core file name (i.e.
core-1121)  I saw it mentioned somewhere on the Linux Kernel Devel
would be REAL nice if someone undertook that project...  Course, you got a 
buggy mud, wait till your HD fills with cores... :) )

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