RE: iedit/redit

From: Remko Wiersma (
Date: 04/03/96

>Any iedit/redit users out there that fixed the iedit? The one stright from
>thew box crashes when you make a new object. Has anyone fixed this? It's
>more than frustrating having to deal with it.

Well... I didn't fix the bug. I made a complete rewrite of most of 
the iedit/redit system, and added a medit and zedit. They are all 
menu-oriented. Only problem is, I customized them to fit my own mud, 
so it probably won't work on the standard release of Circle Mud. If 
there is enough interest, I will make the changes and make it 
available to all of you. I didn't test it that severe, so there might 
be some errors in it....

If you're interested, please mail me.


Remko M. Wiersma
Remko M. Wiersma		Student Computer Science at the  
				      University of Twente	 
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