RE: iedit/redit

From: Dmitry Schwartsman (
Date: 04/03/96

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, Remko Wiersma wrote:

> >Any iedit/redit users out there that fixed the iedit? The one stright from
> >thew box crashes when you make a new object. Has anyone fixed this? It's
> >more than frustrating having to deal with it.
> >
> >Hades
> Well... I didn't fix the bug. I made a complete rewrite of most of 
> the iedit/redit system, and added a medit and zedit. They are all 
> menu-oriented. Only problem is, I customized them to fit my own mud, 
> so it probably won't work on the standard release of Circle Mud. If 
> there is enough interest, I will make the changes and make it 
> available to all of you. I didn't test it that severe, so there might 
> be some errors in it....
> If you're interested, please mail me.
> Greetinx.
> Remko M. Wiersma
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> Remko M. Wiersma		Student Computer Science at the  
> 				      University of Twente	 
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acutally if you can just supply me with stationary files I can put it in 
me mud meself (and maybe little instructions on what else is modified)

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