Re: iedit/redit

From: Michael J. Cunningham (
Date: 04/04/96

On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, Remko Wiersma wrote:

> Hmmmm.
> There was a lot more response than I expected. Ok, I'll work on it 
> over my Easter holiday and try to make it a bit more releasable.
> Those of you who wanted a copy of it as is, will get it from me as 
> soon as I found the time to make a nice package of it, ok ?
> Just one question. In my code I used a lot of the original 
> iedit/redit code, now, would that be a problem when I released my 
> work to the public ?

As long as you credit the original aurthor somewhere in the readme file
I dont see any problem. By putting it out for the world to get I assume
that they have released it under a gnu liscence.

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