RE: Adding Mob Action Bitvectors

Date: 04/04/96

best bet is to add a whole new bitvector...  only 32 letters per vector. 
 that way you could set the bits it is agg to, maybe even free up a couple 
in your starting set.  bad side is, no room for growth, maybe a vector for 
races, and one for classes?  this will require a editing of:
1) the mob files
2) the mob loading process
3) any olc you have
4) builders handbook
5) structures
6) this functions that will actually handle this.

if you store the races and the classes each in their own bitvectors, this 
can get real interesting
else if(target_race&aggr_to_race)
else if(targer_class&aggr_to_class)
  kill ;
hmmm... I actually like this system.... thanx for the idea.  but my builders 
will wanna kill me :)

From: owner-circle
To: circle
Subject: Adding Mob Action Bitvectors
Date: Thursday, April 04, 1996 11:03PM

Hi all,
       In the Mud that I am writing I have 15 classes and 15 races. What
I would like to do is add some more Action Bitvectors for mobs so I can
have an aggressive one for each class and race, eg


However, since the action bitvectors are assigned with letters, and at
current NOBLIND is already "r" how ca I add another 30? Has anyone else
added heaps for Action Bitvectors? If so how did you do it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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