Re: Adding Mob Action Bitvectors

From: Steve (
Date: 04/04/96

You'll most likely have to add another field for the mobs. I added 
mob_antiflags, which handle aggressive to race/class/alignment/sex as 
well as the nobash/noblind/etc. if you have an OLC installed you just 
have to add the fields in the code, add the saving routines to save it to 
an extra spot probably in the same line as the action bitvector but the 
next field and just write a function to load all of your mobs, and save 
them with the new mobfile format. then after they are all saved, shutdown 
the mud edit the loading part (i think its in db.c parse_mobile()) and 
change that to reflect your changes to the mobfile format. If you dont 
have an OLC you'll have to manually go through and add a 0 to that line 
of the mobfiles. 

the one big drawback is that now other circle zones that you might add 
(pick-up from somewhere else) will be incompatible. you'll have to change 
those as well

On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, Fionn Colvin wrote:

> Hi all,
>        In the Mud that I am writing I have 15 classes and 15 races. What 
> I would like to do is add some more Action Bitvectors for mobs so I can 
> have an aggressive one for each class and race, eg
> However, since the action bitvectors are assigned with letters, and at 
> current NOBLIND is already "r" how ca I add another 30? Has anyone else 
> added heaps for Action Bitvectors? If so how did you do it?

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