From: Ron R Humphries (rhumphr@siue.edu)
Date: 04/03/96

I have been having a problem with the oedit program.  The room, object, and mob
editors work fine.  I run into a problem when trying to use the commands that
modify the .zon file.  If I try loading a mob or object with the zload command,
it works fine until I try to save using zedit savem then the mud crashes.  The
same kind of crash happeneds when I try to create a new zone online using
zedit create.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Oh, also
don't know if this will help, but when using zedit create, the program gets as
far as creating the .zon file, it crashes before it writes anything to the .wld file.  It's also supposed to tell you something like 'zon file created' which
it doesn't display even though it does it.

Thanks a bunch,

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