Core Dumps via Linux

From: Mark Andrew Crichton (
Date: 04/03/96

Agh...second time I've posted this...someone kick majordomo.

Well, to get cores under Linux, you need to do a ulimit -c 400000 (or such) 
under Bash.  I think Linux, by default, dumps no core unless you tell it to.

The ulimit way is the best, plus I also think there's a little-known #ifdef
buried somewhere in the kernel to cause Linux to default to core dumping.

Also for thise savvy MUD programmers/die-hard Linux kernel hackers, I *think*
there's some legacy code in the kernel that will add the pid to the core file
name (i.e. so you can relate bugs to logs etc (and also fill your
HD VERY quickly :)

Also, as a sidenote, I believe this Linux core question is in a Linux-FAQ and/or
one of the HOWTO's  (Quite possibily the Linux FAQ)

Hope this helps everyone,
Mark Crichton
MUD Programmer/Linux Semi-hacker/all-around geek

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