Re: Core Dumps via Linux

From: Ole Gjerde (
Date: 04/03/96

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, Mark Andrew Crichton wrote:

> Well, to get cores under Linux, you need to do a ulimit -c 400000 (or such) 
> under Bash.  I think Linux, by default, dumps no core unless you tell it to.

Bash does default to no coredump.. The easiest way to fix this is to put
'ulimit -c unlimited' in your .profile, .bash_profile,or whatever file.
Also 1.2.13 and earlier kernels, does not know how to dump elf 
coredumps.  So if you have an elf system, you'll need a 1.3.xx kernel.

> Also for thise savvy MUD programmers/die-hard Linux kernel hackers, I *think*
> there's some legacy code in the kernel that will add the pid to the core file
> name (i.e. so you can relate bugs to logs etc (and also fill your
> HD VERY quickly :)

Last thing I heard there are no code for it, but I seen someone on 
linux-kernel that wanted some code for it.  But I doubt it'll ever be in 
the official kernel release.  But I'm sure there is a patch around somewhere.

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