Running circle through gdb in background

From: Graham Gilmore (
Date: 04/03/96

	The "script" can really be just this one line:

	nohup gdb bin/circle <gdb_command_list &

	You can of course modify this somewhat to have it work with 
autorun.  Instead of the current line in autorun which actually executes 
the MUD, put in "gdb bin/circle <gdb_command_list" instead, and then when 
you would execute autorun, do instead:  nohup autorun &.  To make things 
even simpler, you could take that one line and put it into a "script" and 
call it , say, run.

	The important part, I suppose, is the file gdb_command_list.  
Here it is, no holds barred:

handle 13 nostop  

*I don't know what the above line does, but I'm sure someone on this list
*can tell you.  And me.  ;)

run -q 7777

*You may have to include your command line parameters explicitly instead of
*using $FLAGS and $PORT.  Well, probably there is a way you could do the
*substitution, but as I said, I'm kind of a Linux dummy, so I don't know
*how you could do that from the script into gdb_command_list.

print c->
print ch->
print ch->affected
print ch->*affected
print hjp
print *hjp
print hjp->next
print *old_af

*I don't think the 'y' is actually necessary; I always seem to get 
*something like "unknown command 'y'" at the end of the gdb report. 
*But it never got in my way, so I never thought about it.. :)  I assume
*that there is normally a y/n question with the kill command, except when
*it's run from a batch file.

	There you go, enjoy. :)

	Graham Gilmore

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