Re: OS/2 Compiling Help

From: Tel Janin Aellinsar (icarus@Loomis.Berkshire.NET)
Date: 04/03/96

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, PitLord wrote:

> 	I've gotten CircleMUD compiled fine under Linux, and I've been able to 
> run it...However, I want my BBS users to be able to use CircleMUD, so I 
> tried to compile it under OS/2.

That will be tough.  CircleMUD for OS/2 still uses the internet socket 
system.  You may be able to use telnet -p <port> but I wouldn't 
count on it.

> 	After FTPing everything (nmake, gcc, emx, etc), unzipping, 
> running nmake /i..I'm missing header files in emx. <sigh>.
> I'm missing sys/socket.h, netinet.h, arap.h, and another header file 
> (which I forget).

Should be sys/socket.h, netinet/in.h, arpa/telnet.h, and maybe some 
others.  Those are the socket (TCP/IP) files.

Don't use nmake.  Get instead.  Also configure the 
environment variables in config.sys as it tells you to.  I think you 
might have left one undefined.

> 	I thought I got everything I needed -- can anyone who's used 
> CircleMUD under Os/2 give me any suggestions ?

You need to copy makefile.os2 to makefile, conf.h.os2 to conf.h, be 
running on an HPFS partition, have tar/gzip, TCP/IP 2.0 or 3.0 installed, 
and a few UNIX utilities.  In particular, you might want an sh.  bash for 
OS/2 seems to work well, though others have spoken favorably of ms_sh.  
Just do a bash <shellscript> to run a UNIX shell script.

I think you can actually run the configure script, though it probably 
won't work, with the gnu shutils, futils, txtutils, and bash.  I did it 
with apache, at least, and it wanted sed and awk too.

> Thanks.

You may have to write a stdio door for OS/2 which acts as a telnet 
client.  Then you can just run 'ifconfig -net lo' or whatever to 
setup loopback, pop a localhost entry in /tcpip/etc/hosts, and run your 
telnet client from your BBS, which I hope is OS/2 native.  (If it's not, 
you're in for a hell of a ride.)  And by stdio, I mean the redirectable 
stdin/stdout/stderr instead of a more direct, but faster, screen output.  
I'm not sure how IBM's telnet works.  (Even better, it assumes vt220 and 
works down.  Your BBS users probably go from ANSI, which is 
second-to-last on the list of preferred terminals for telnet, though 
telneto uses only vt220.)

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