Re: OS/2 Compiling Help

From: PitLord (
Date: 04/04/96

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, Tel Janin Aellinsar wrote:

> On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, PitLord wrote:
> > 	I've gotten CircleMUD compiled fine under Linux, and I've been able to 
> > run it...However, I want my BBS users to be able to use CircleMUD, so I 
> > tried to compile it under OS/2.
> That will be tough.  CircleMUD for OS/2 still uses the internet socket 
> system.  You may be able to use telnet -p <port> but I wouldn't 
> count on it.

That's what I was planning to do, with doorway acting as a gateway..
> > 	After FTPing everything (nmake, gcc, emx, etc), unzipping, 
> > running nmake /i..I'm missing header files in emx. <sigh>.
> > I'm missing sys/socket.h, netinet.h, arap.h, and another header file 
> > (which I forget).
> Should be sys/socket.h, netinet/in.h, arpa/telnet.h, and maybe some 
> others.  Those are the socket (TCP/IP) files.
Hmm..I thought they came with emx. I'm going to be installing TCP/IP tonight
anyway, just thought I could compile it beforehand.
> Don't use nmake.  Get instead.  Also configure the 
> environment variables in config.sys as it tells you to.  I think you 
> might have left one undefined.
No, They're just not IN the include directory, gcc can find all the other 
include files.
> > 	I thought I got everything I needed -- can anyone who's used 
> > CircleMUD under Os/2 give me any suggestions ?
> You need to copy makefile.os2 to makefile, conf.h.os2 to conf.h, be 
> running on an HPFS partition, have tar/gzip, TCP/IP 2.0 or 3.0 installed, 
> and a few UNIX utilities.  In particular, you might want an sh.  bash for 
> OS/2 seems to work well, though others have spoken favorably of ms_sh.  
> Just do a bash <shellscript> to run a UNIX shell script.
> I think you can actually run the configure script, though it probably 
> won't work, with the gnu shutils, futils, txtutils, and bash.  I did it 
> with apache, at least, and it wanted sed and awk too.
> > Thanks.
> You may have to write a stdio door for OS/2 which acts as a telnet 
> client.  Then you can just run 'ifconfig -net lo' or whatever to 
> setup loopback, pop a localhost entry in /tcpip/etc/hosts, and run your 
> telnet client from your BBS, which I hope is OS/2 native.  (If it's not, 
Yes, it is. I'm not that stupid ;).
> you're in for a hell of a ride.)  And by stdio, I mean the redirectable 
> stdin/stdout/stderr instead of a more direct, but faster, screen output.  
> I'm not sure how IBM's telnet works.  (Even better, it assumes vt220 and 
> works down.  Your BBS users probably go from ANSI, which is 
> second-to-last on the list of preferred terminals for telnet, though 
> telneto uses only vt220.)

OK, thanks for all your help!


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