IS_MOVE in interpreter.h

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 04/05/96

I was just in <interpreter.h> looking at a few things there preparing to
make my MUD event driven, when I saw something wrong with IS_MOVE.  The
original uses: '(cmdnum >= 1 && cmdnum <= 6)' [I don't remember the name
of the argument, so I'll use 'cmdnum'].

I don't believe IS_MOVE is used anywere in the code, but in any case, it
is problematic to use 'cmdnum <= 6'.  This should be NUM_OF_DIRS to ease
the transition of code to using more than the six exits (it might be used
in someone else's code and become a big headache :)).


Daniel Koepke, Coder of The Dragon's Keep 4000 (currently in ALPHA)

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