Re: FreeBSD Compile Again

From: Brian Gray (
Date: 04/07/96

On Sun, 7 Apr 1996, Jeffrey D. Frey, Jr. wrote:

> Well, here's another question for getting the MUD to run on FreeBSD.
> The MUD compiles fine with the -lcrypt flag but now when I run the 
> mud I get an error about the player limit being less than zero.  I am 
> starting with a new playerfile but I don't think that is the problem. 
> If anyone has seen this problem before please email me with the 
> solution!

  You must be running <= bpl8.  The internal max connection limit for 
FreeBSD is larger than the variable supplied by Circle.  I just manually 
typed in a conditionally-compiled statement substituting 1000 for the 
internal connection limit.  The CHANGES for bpl9 says Jeremy fixed this, 
and I'm sure it's more elegant than my little hack (I just wanted to get 
the damn thing compiled).  You might want to download and check out his 

 -- Mandy, Director of The Multiplex
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