Re: patching probs

From: Adam Days (
Date: 04/09/96

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, Vicente Ila Juarez wrote:

> Išve downloaded patchlevel 9 and 10 as you said me and then if put it in circle 
> directory but when i put the patch order (patch < patch.pl8-pl9) he start right 
> the patch with the FAQ and README but whe he has to start to patch in directories 
> it tells me that it doesnt finds the file in and ask me where to patch it but when
> i put it writing it manually it doesnt find it anyway so what have i to do?

The first question I have is are you one directory above your main circle 
directory make sure that the patch is one directory back from the one 
with lib/ and src/ and log/ etc...The next question is..have you hacked 
or heavily modified your original code?  If you have some major changes 
in your code it might mess up the patch.  The third question is have you 
added other patches it might be reading them too. (OLC patches are 
exempted from this because they are further in the levels of the code.)
Any of the previous could cause the patch to mess up.  Here's what I had 
to do: make a back up of your current mud. get a clean pl10.tar.gz (the 
whole mud not the patch) then compile and cut and paste your old stuff in 
with a few minor changes. the data files are compatible I've done it :)
This may not work or might be too time consuming if you have a lot of 
changed code, if you do I don't know what else to tell you...sorry.

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