Re: Checking to see how meny mobs are in a zone and in a room

From: JRhone (
Date: 04/09/96

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, Ben Leibig wrote:

> Is there any way i can see how meny of a certen mob(ie Vnum 1348) are in a room
> and in a zone.  Is there some way to earch this.  I just want a number returned
> being the number of that mob in the zone or room.  Any easy ways to do this or
> does it take a bunch of code?

try somethin like

int num_mob_room(int mvnum, int room_num)
  struct char_data *mob;
  int count = 0;

  for (mob=world[room_num].people; mob; mob = mob->next_in_room)
    if (IS_NPC(mob) && GET_MOB_VNUM(mob) == mvnum)
  return count;

send it a mob VNUM and a real room number, i.e. ch->in_room, etc etc
and it returns count

for zone just call that room one for every room in a zone and accum the 
return values

int num_mob_zone(int mvnum, int zone)
  int count = 0;
  int i;

  for (i=0; i <= top_of_world; i++)
    if((real_room(i) > 0) && world[i].zone == zone && world[i].people)
      count += num_mob_room(mvnum, i);
  return count;

thats only one way to do this, you could just scan character_list
and check the room / zone yer mob is in, 
and im sure there are others

hope this gives you some idears


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