Re: Just wondering, anyone as insane as Hades?

From: Hades (
Date: 04/10/96

>      Watch the load on your machine climb when you have to do a large
> number of vnumber to pointer conversions, such as at start up.  If you've
> found a way to avoid that, tell me.  As I mentioned in a previous message,
> I've done this for mob and obj prototypes (and I've done it for zone
> structures too, but I figured they don't matter as much), and my
> real_XXX() functions are still needed to convert vnumbers to pointers. 
> Your scheme will be keeping the CPU real busy.  I use hash tables.  My CPU
> is happy.

Hash tables? Explain... and it doen't do any kind of lookup, it's an array
to some pointers, world_index[1031].room IS the room , or a pointer to it
rather. :) But yeah, tell me about these hash tables you have and how they

I was thinking of chaning mob_proto to a linked list, with another linked
list to search the table. First it would scroll through the list based on
zone, then when it found the zone, it would search that zone's list, so to
find mob #999, instead of searching 999 mobs for it, it'd search 10 zones,
then 99 mobs. Much quicker.


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