Re: Just wondering, anyone as insane as I?

From: Eric Green (
Date: 04/11/96

>Oh man, I was just wondering if anyone out there is as mentally WACKED as I
>I just spent countless hours (oh 8 or so) completely converting the world
>structures of my mud. The world is no longer referred to by:

I did a very similar thing recently.  I changed world to an array of room
pointers.  Ch->in_room was left the same.  Converting was just a matter of
changing world[i].x to world[i]->x, and adding some checks of "if
(world[i])" a few places.  I kept real_room() around, as a quick check for
array bounds and room existance (and simpilfies it if i ever want to
increase the maximum number of rooms and switch to a hash table).

I probably will use a hash table for some other structures, but because of
the frequency the room numbers are used, i wanted to keep the hash function
at hash(x) = x.

The miners sound very cool. :)


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