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From: Jeremy Elson (jelson@jhu.edu)
Date: 04/12/96

Sorry, I don't know where you can get that code.  You might ask on the 
mailing list circle@pvv.unit.no.

> Hi there, you don't really know me from squat so i won't be suprised if you
> don't answer this, but i have a question to ask you, if you have the time.
> Were can i find some sources on coding mounts? such as horses, camels, mules
> and so on and so forth? I am a fellow implementor on a circle mud named
> Realm of the Exiled. ns3.ptd.net 5000 or 5000 if you prefer. we
> are running circle code 3.0 but it is very modified, and i was wondering if
> you could help me out by chance, since i have looked all over the net for
> such code but cannot find it anywhere. Any and all help would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Iron (Ed...ed261@ptd.net)
> Thank you for your time.

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