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Date: 04/12/96

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From: Mac <maclubin@smith.cis.syr.edu>
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Subject: Special Procedures...

Hello everyone.
I am starting a new project coding a file called inn.c.  I am basing the 
file off castle.c.  The main idea is this.  You come into the inn, and 
using a special command, you talk to the innkeeper and rent a room.  This 
room would then become your house.  (the innkeeper would go through a 
list of avaiable vnums and check to see if there is any vacany first, 
then assign you a house.)  The payment for the room would come out of 
your gold in the bank.  You would be charged daily (real time) for  this 
room.  The innkeeper would also serve as a postmaster.  If you run out of 
money in the bank, the innkeeper would mudmail you saying your rent is 
late, and that you have 1 day to pay it.  If you did not pay it, then the 
house flag would be taken off that room, and a belhop would come in and 
pick up all your belongings.  He would then walk to a special locked room 
which would be coded similar to the "dump", but instead of junking your 
things, it would donate all of them.  Both the belhop and the innkeeper 
would be !kill.  

Right now my questions is, how do I set it up so that the innkeeper can 
keep track of the houses, and who to charge and when to charge.

Any ideas?  I am just starting this , so I am open to just about anything.

Michael A. Clubine
E t e r n a l
telnet smith.syr.edu 4000

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