OasisOLC: Shop trade types bug

From: Harvey Gilpin (rv@twylite.demon.co.uk)
Date: 04/13/96

Howdy Oasis fans!

A number of people have reported that adding a new trade type, with no
namelist in sedit will protection fault.

This is because the menu display function for this area of sedit uses
'sprintf()' to put the 'namelist' into a display buffer.  On Linux, if
'namelist' is empty, it prints "(null)" to the buffer.  On other
operating systems, it simply protection faults.

The fix is trivial, but as I can't see the code at the moment I can't
give newbie style instructions on how to do it.  So this will have to

1) Find the function that displays the namelist menu.
2) Find the sprintf() call in it.
3) change the 
to S_NAMELIST(shop) ? S_NAMELIST(shop) : "<None>"


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