Re: A Few Questions..

From: Harvey Gilpin (
Date: 04/13/96

On Sat, 13 Apr 1996 00:20:35 -0700 (PDT), you wrote:

>	#1:
>		I know this may be a little silly.. but
>		I'm kinda lazy right now:P Has anyone made
>		an online read for bug/idea/typo files?

Good idea, I may do this.

>	#2:
>		Would I be able to set  maxexp something like:
>			int max_exp_gain = (.3 * (GET_EXP(ch));

Try making a macro, putting it in utils.h, something like this:

#define GET_MAX_GAIN(ch)	(GET_EXP((ch)) / 3)

>	#3
>		I seem to have a bug in the exp need for each level...
>		the compiler complains that the int is to large to
>		be unsigned, and changes the numbers.. into negatives
>		sometimes.. where would I look to change the var from
>		int to long int? or is there an easyer way?

I did this.  Change the exp fields in structs.h from an int to a long.
Then find all the occurances of GET_EXP in the code and make sure any
sprintf() calls have %l in the format string instead of %i.  Or just
compile it and fix the warnings as they appear.

Be warned though, this will destroy your playerfile.

>	Thanks a lot for you time!
>	And thanks in advance!

You're welcome.


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