Full-time Coder position available

From: Gore (tgd@iglou.com)
Date: 04/14/96


Zombiemud, a circle 3.0 bpl8 (now pl10) has 1 or 2 positions available for
_experienced_ coders with at least 1 year of coding.  We are looking for
a person or persons who have the time to take a mud that has races, full
olc (menu driven), lots of spells and many other features and expand it.

We have been up for 11 months and the site is very stable.  The coder(s)
will work in a team atmosphere where every imm's ideas, comments, and
complaints are taken equally.

The coder(s) will have full reign over what he/she wants to code (as long
as it fits and is balanced of course).  The coder(s) will have their own
off-line site to check their code as we do not do debugging on the
master_src.  All patches are emailed in and are added by with either me or
the other IMP.

If you are interested please email freyj@en.com and in the subject line
put ZombieMUD:  Coder position -- or get on the game and ask for Gore or
Endrea or leave mudmail.  Thanks in advance AND

We look forward to seeing you on Zombie!


Tom Dailey
Gore - IMP
zombie.iglou.com 2150

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