Man this is wierd...

From: Hades (
Date: 04/14/96

Ok, here's the deal. I converted objects and mobs into a linked list (the
protos) with an array of pointers to the lists (world_index[vnum].obj is
the obj with that vnum, nice and easy)

So ok, here's my problem. Olcing (I am using iedit/redit) I do this:
Add new obj 1098
The number, the whole time I am in the olc stays 1098, but if I mudlog the
obj_proto list, the number has changed to something random, and there is
nowhere in the code that it changes.

Tell me if this would work:
struct obj_data *obj, *objtwo;

obj is assigned some values from somewhere, like read_object
Will this copy all data from the object over... not the pointer to the objs
location in memopry but all the actual data:
*objtwo = *obj;

So basically objtwo will be a complete copy of obj, BUT have it's own and
seperate pointer. Does this work? Or am I thinking completely wrong?

And one last thing, the protos are stored in obj_proto. For the linked list
there is now: struct obj_data *next_proto; in the obj_data in structs.h/
Nowhere in my code does obj_proto and object_list cross over, yet when
read_object is called, it trashes my obj_proto list and replaces it with the
obj loaded.

Ie. The spell flame blade goes off. Instead of obj_proto pointing to the
last object loaded into the list, it now points to the flame blade, at the
END of the list. Nowhere in create_obj or read_objerct does it even mention

Any clues hints or suggestions>?

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