Re: A Few Questions.. (fwd)

From: Sammy (
Date: 04/14/96

On Sun, 14 Apr 1996, Harvey Gilpin wrote:

> >i did it, and the only problem i run into is that those files are always
> >expanding, so sooner or later youll get a string to big error if you use
> >file_to_string, so i have to keep on top of them and keep them from 
> >gettin too large
> You could try seeking to the end of the file, then working back and
> displaying the last X entries.
> Just a thought.

Good though.  How about taking it another step and allowing another 
argument for number of lines, then use:

file_to_string(buf, system("tail -<num lines> typos"));

Please excuse my syntax if it's off :)  Also, I don't know 
if file_to_string can handle stdout like that.


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