From: JRhone (
Date: 04/14/96

welp, flame away if im totally missing something here (wouldnt be the
first time :)) but i have this twinge in the back of my neck that tells me
everytime i use this function im losin some memory

for example: (if im reading this correctly and understanding it)
say this is a char ptr argument passed to some function

"          hello, im an argument"

say str points to the beginning of that string

now we call skip_spaces passing str by reference

str gets bumped up to the 'h' and we're on our merry way...
unless str is local(and even if it is, i believe) were losing those
7 or 8 spaces everytime we call that function with that string...
we have have no reference to the beginning of that string anymore
right? help? :P

in some of the older code (im runnin base 2.2) i see a good way
of skipping spaces like

for (i = 0; *(arg + i) == ' '; i++)
tmp = (arg + i);

you still have arg's original starting address this way...
and tmp points to the meaty part of the string..

now, i MUST be missing something here...*boggle*


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