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From: David Blocher (
Date: 04/14/96

>On Sun, 14 Apr 1996, David Blocher wrote:
>> This is kinda hoaky but we have a home command which takes a player to his
>> house.  However when a player buys a house its sets a field in his player
>> file called house.  The imms can also set this value
>> so 
>> set vain house 1220 
>> will cause vain to goto 1220 when he types home
>> If a players types home and his house is -1 then is says sorry you do not
>> have a house.
>Well, isnt that a little 'waste' of space :)
>All the needed informtaion is allready avaialble in the existing house 
>structures... And makes it more proof to not making errors if you mess 
>arround with the hcontrol stuff... 
>Just my two cents.
Well we have made our houses private, so you can not snoop, enter, at or any
such commands in a house, however we left the back door of allowing us to
set a house so we could get into the house if need be, it also works as a
handy way for an imm to goto a favorite place.
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