Re: throwing classes out the window

From: Joe DeDapper (
Date: 04/15/96

> I'll tell ya how we did it on my mud, it may not be the best or most
> efficient way, but it works for us...
> Without levels, you need some way for people to get skills and improve
> them... practices are difficult, how do you award them without levels
> or experience to go by?  We decided to ditch practices as well, and
> let people learn skills in 3 ways;
> 1) learn by use
> 2) learn by being taught
> 3) learn by study (books/tomes)

    All in all you might want to take a look at a game called RuneQuest..
A Fantasy based game using only Skills and such, basically the way that has 
is set up is each Attribute (Strength, Intellignca) creates a base skill
base for all skills falling under that skill, (ie: under Agility might fall 
the skill Sneak, or Hide, so Sneak and hide have a base rate of success based
on that Characters Dex)  same goes with Weapons skills etc.. 
Everything's based on Percentile (a skill has a 64% change of suceeding)
and how you go up in skills is basically if you use it, after an alotted
amount of time you 'practice' your skills (better to be an automatic than user
controlled)  and if you roll against that skill (say you have a 64% in ride)
and you roll a 74%, a fail, then you gain like up to 6% in that skill, that way
the better a character is at a particular skill, the more difficult it is
for them to advance in that skill.

Actually one of my Fav Systems.  


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