Re: CircleMud-30bpl11 Amiga - A reality!

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 04/16/96

> Thanks to the wonderful work of Markus Wild and the newest version of his 
> ixemul.library, and a little tweaking of the circle code on my part (hand 
> made conf.h, #ifdefs and a Makefile), CircleMud-3.0pl11 will now compile 
> and run on the Amiga. Unlike the 2.20 Circle that has been floating 
> around for quite some time, this version runs under AmiTCP and probably 
> other Amiga TCP/IP stacks. If there is enough call for it and the Circle 
> people are into it, I'll be glad to supply a binary distribution for 
> those Amigans that don't want to go through getting all the software 
> needed and installed to compile it.
> The file you want is on the following sites as of this minute:
> /pub/CircleMUD/contrib/source/
> /pub/amiga/
> The filename is: circle30bpl11-amiga-diffs.tar.gz

Thanks for your submission, but unfortunately the diffs were not created
correctly (they are "out of context" so it's not known where some of the
changes are supposed to be made, and they won't work with the 'patch'
program...) .. make sure to use GNU diff with the -u option.


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