Re: two problems and one bug

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 04/17/96

On Wed, 17 Apr 1996, Pedro Saputo wrote:

> 1.- I've tried to add new levels to my mud just putting the title and
>     xpoints needed and whe compile it tells me that there is a array
>     problem but just a warning when come in to the mud he still consider
>     the 34 levels normal but when you check the levels it gets too the
>     ones ive put on so ive got a terrible fuss can somebody tell me where
>     the array wich has the levels defined on it is???

You cannot just add things to a sized array and not change hte size of it.
You must change the size of the array, (LVL_IMPL+1).  You must, then,
change LVL_IMPL to the number of levels, and all the other LVL_xxxx
defines to the proper order so you keep the immortal levels fluent; If you
change LVL_IMPL to 200, then the table of titles and exp-per-level will be
expected to be 200 enteries per the 4 classes.

> 2.- I've downloaded the alias.c newalias.c and alias.txt from cambot and
>     instaled it in the mud following exactly the instructions the mud
>     compiles well but the function doesn't work does anyboby know what
>     could happen?

First, did you create the lib/plralias directory and the subdirectories
like lib/plrobjs has?  Normally I just do:

% cd lib
% cp -r plrobjs plralias
% rm -r plralias/*/*.objs
% rm plralias/*

Which I deem easier than a bunch of "mkdir" commands; but maybe that's
just the way I think?

BTW: you might consider pressing [ENTER] or [RETURN] every-so-often in
your messages, otherwise, I get one really long line that I generally
don't like reformatting to respond to.

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