two problems and one bug

From: Pedro Saputo (
Date: 04/17/96

First of all the bug because i think is of the interest of everybody.

the scrolls of identify of the pl10 doesn't work at all

Now my problem 

1.- I've tried to add new levels to my mud just putting the title and xpoints needed and whe compile it tells me that there is a array problem but just a warning when come in to the mud he still consider the 34 levels normal but when you check the levels it gets too the ones ive put on so ive got a terrible fuss can somebody tell me where the array wich has the levels defined on it is???

2.- I've downloaded the alias.c newalias.c and alias.txt from cambot and instaled it in the mud following exactly the instructions the mud compiles well but the function doesn't work does anyboby know what could happen?

Thanks in advance!

VicenÁ Ila Juarez
Implementor of DifferentMud

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