Re: char mode vs line mode

From: Tom Hartig (
Date: 04/17/96

On Wed, 17 Apr 1996, Steve wrote:

> although there are advantages and disadvantages to BOTH of these systems,
> is it possible to do switch between char and line mode while the player is
> mudding, (i.e. for Full Screen editor, etc) that would cut back on
> bandwidth usage and provide for a nice interface. anybody intested in 
> such a project please let me know... (dont have anything really planned, 
> but would like to help as much as possible)
> Steve

On my MUD I wrote a fullscreen editor similar to the vi editor and the 
mud automatically switches the persons telnet client to character mode 
once in the fullscreen editor, and then back to line mode afterward. 
Basically it required modifications to the code which grabs input from 
players sockets to get one character (and also to check more often for 
characters otherwise it lags to hell). The only problem is that people 
who use clients (tintin, tinyfugue and the like) need patches to allow 
the client to send char-by-char as well, otherwise the editor is useless :)

Anyhow, switching to char-mode and back to line-mode etc minimizes any 
lag or bandwidth waste, and it runs quite smoothly from what I've seen 
thus far in its few months that I popped the editor in. Bitch of a 
project to write the interface, but well worth it to try out.


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