Re: char mode vs line mode

From: Michael Buselli (
Date: 04/17/96

On Wed, 17 Apr 1996, Tom Hartig wrote:

> On my MUD I wrote a fullscreen editor similar to the vi editor and the 
> mud automatically switches the persons telnet client to character mode 
> once in the fullscreen editor, and then back to line mode afterward. 
> Basically it required modifications to the code which grabs input from 
> players sockets to get one character (and also to check more often for 
> characters otherwise it lags to hell). The only problem is that people 
> who use clients (tintin, tinyfugue and the like) need patches to allow 
> the client to send char-by-char as well, otherwise the editor is useless :)

     I was wondering how willing you'd be to share your work.  I want to
write my fullscreen editor to operate in line mode because netlag is a
major problem for me, but if you have something similar that works in
character mode I'd be interested in seeing it.  I could, perhaps, hack it
in so the user has a choice of character or line mode (as well as the
standard editor choice... bleah :), thus giving users that are on console
or close enough to the machine another advantage.

     Hmmm... I have the source for vim already on hand... maybe if I just 
rework that code a lot...

Michael Buselli

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