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From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 04/17/96

At 01:37 AM 4/16/96 -0700, you wrote:
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>   Subject: An olc question
>   From: "Hades" <>
>   Ok, when the olc saves the file (I use iedit/redit) it leaves those damn
>   annoying M's at the end of any line with a CR in it. ANyone know a way to
>   take those damn things out? Or a function they made to lose the CR's?
>Check your unix system for a 'fromdos' command, which will strip the
>extra ^M's.
>Otherwise, I normally fire up jove/emacs and do a replace-string ^M  
>(it's replace-string ^M with nothing at all).
>Somewhere within the write you could also have it check and strip...
>let me try to remember... \r's (correct me if I got the wrong one).
>But that means semi-lex'ing the output.

I've just been running dos2unix on this world occasionally when I need to

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