Re: Question about the olc & and the aliases

From: Mac (
Date: 04/18/96

Download alias.tar.gz (I believe is the filename) from the ftp site. Then download the newalias.c file.  Follow 
the instructions in alias.txt to modify your code. Rename the newalias.c 
to alias.c  (it is a drop in replacemnt of the alias.c code which had a 
few bugs.)

Olc is not complete with the stock version of CircleMUD.
The two olc versions that come to mind is Samedi's OLC which has been 
around awhile and Oasis which just came out the past few weeks.  (I think 
it's menu driven too...)  I believe these both are on the cambot site too.

Is there a faq with these questions on them?  I think it is the first 
thing everyone does when they begin a mud, so if it's not on the faq, 
(which I think olc is) please add them.

Michael A. Clubine
E t e r n a l 4000

On Thu, 18 Apr 1996, James A. Young wrote:

> Alias question first. Does anyone have the procedure to fix the aliases 
> so that I can save them?  I'm using version 11 which comes with the 
> aliases in the code (I can't think of the file it's in off hand. I do 
> know it's not a seperate file.  Second, is the olc actually working?  If 
> not, no biggie.
> James

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