Re: Another argh in structs.h

From: Hades (
Date: 04/18/96

> Chances are either that the macro right before the typedef has a missing
> or extra (, ), or ;, (that is why people are flaming - because it's silly
> to try to debug this problem without posting a code segment!!), or if you've
> recently changed machines, this problem can be caused if you're trying to
> compile the code with a non-ANSI C compiler such as Sun's cc.
> -je

Thank you very much Jermey. This is the reply I was looking for, not some
people flaming me and saying I am an idiot, and not even bothering to
suggest a problem, or possible solution. As it turned out, about 37 lines up
from the line with the error, about 100 spaces after then end of the define
there were some wierd high-ansi characters which you could not see unless
you tabbed over way the hell out to the end.

Thank you again Jeremy, and to all those who flamed me and called me an
idiot without  offering any help, screw off.


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