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Date: 04/19/96

On Fri, 19 Apr 1996, Mark Andrew Crichton wrote:

> > Solution: I'm not sure.. But if you are going to upgrade to a newer 
> > kernel(as suggested in a earlier post), you should probably move tho one 
> > of the newer ones, since they will generally be more stable(e.g. 1.3.9x).
> > 
> we go again...
> For Linux 1.3 (esp. with Slackware), the core file format changed AGAIN (esp
> with the radical move to ELF)
> Grab the LATEST gdb-elf from (?). It's named 
> something like gcc-elf-4*.  This works under the 1.3 kernels and handles the
> new ELF format core dump.
If you upgrade etc to these versions apparently you're okay. I did post 
on the linux newsgroups trying to figure out what was wrong. However 
noone responded. :) The distribution I had contained 1.3.18 and 1.2.13. 
The 1.2.13 networking stuff was fine, but the gdb barfed at core files. 
1.3.18 was just the opposite. Network stuff was screwed but the gdb 
worked fine. After upgrading to 1.3.9 we had both networking and gdb:)
Didn't have to upgrade gdb.
> This should solved my problems.
> Mark Crichton
> (as a sidenote...why are people using 1.3 Linux DEVELOPMENT kernels and NOT
> subscribed to the linux-kernel mailing list....esp. now that there is a working
> digest now. I DO keep abrest of changes if you do :) (I've seen the
> answers to this question there, as well as comp.os.linux.development.system and
> friends...))
Well since it came on my cdrom I thought I would use it:) It took us 
awhile to notice something was wrong because i wasn't using the networking
stuff at the time, only ppp which has worked all the time. It was amusing
solving it the hard way and we learned a bunch. Since you mentioned it all
I need is to find the list info and I will sign up:)

As a side note here, we upgraded 3 machines, 2 using 1.2.13 and
one using 1.3.18 to 1.3.9 only upgrading the kernel and everything
started working just fine:) I looked for gdb upgrades but our
version matched what i found on ftp sites.


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