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Date: 04/20/96

On Fri, 19 Apr 1996, corey hoitsma wrote:

> Anyways, I have a few more questions.. and I'll save the most important 
> for last:)
> Number one:
> 	How would I create a beserk/hitall skill for warriors and thieves?
> 	I thought about using the 'earthquake' spell as an example
> 	but I'm afraid that wouldn't work to well.. last time I did that
> 	I messed everything up:P

For this you could just write a skill in act.offensive.c and make the
min position etc. just like kick or anything else and loop through the
combat list just checking for mobs in the same room as you and whether you
can see them or not and do hit(ch, i, TYPE_UNDEFINED), i being a struct 
char_data var in your loop.

> Number two:
> 	How would I add a flag? I know how I'd get who and look to recognize
> 	a flag.. like KILLER or THIEF.. but I can't seem to be able to make
> 	a new flag.. like for AFK or AFW.

In structs.h you add a new flag, for afk it would probably be PLR_AFK in
the PLR_FLAGS section.  Then in act.informative.c you add a line in
do_who like this:

    strcat(buf, " (afk)");

You also add something like this in show_char_to_char.

> Number three:
> 	I have recently added multi-hits to my mud... up to 5.
> 	Now... what I want to do is add a bitvector to the NPC's that
> 	tell the mud how many hits they get.. say one that's hitone
> 	maye hittwo, etc.. any idea on how to go about this?

The way I usually do this is make separate affect bitvectors for each
multiple attack... ie.  AFF_SECOND, AFF_THIRD, AFF_FOURTH and then
check for them in perform_violence in fight.c that was you can easily set
them for mobs in the affections bitvector.

> Last but not least.. and most important:
> 	I've been browsing around in lots of diffrent kinds of MUDs in the
> 	past years, and I noticed on Farside Muds(ie. Avatar) and maybe it's
>  	Merc too, have a spell system that uses the damage messages for 
> 	offensive spells/skills..
> IE
> 	kick
> 	Your kick -- DESTORYS -- the large dragon!
> Here, DESTORYS would change according to how much hp it took.. just like 
> with hitting..
> 	cas 'lightning'
> 	You conjure a lightning bolt that --> DEMOLISHES <-- the dragon!
> Get my drift?
> I'd like to do this, but it seems to be a lot of work.. anyone already
> done something like this?

I have seen that on Merc muds what you probably want to do is add the
#w and #W to in the messages file and then run it through the same 
replace_string procedure that the regular attacks are run through.
Shouldn't be too hard just a lot of typing in the messages file. :)
> Thanks all:) 
> Myrddin
> --
> Corey Hoitsma                   AKA -= Myrddin =-
> Tazmania 7000

Hope that helps ya out some. :)

Jon Cameron aka Zifnab of StuphMUD

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